My job as a photographer is to create — not to copy. I am not here to make your photos look like everyone else’s. I am not a photographer who is out to conform you to a pre-set mold.

No shoot is exactly the same. No environment is the same. No couple is the same. Even the light is different each time I look through my camera. As a result, each shoot with me has it’s own feel and look.

The unpredictable can be scary, so what is consistent about Sanders Three?

Here is what is consistent: A thoughtful attempt to mold style and tones specific to you and the environment we’re shooting in. In general, I am on the dark & moody & whimsical side of editing and post-processing (you can count on it!) — but depending on the setting and feel of the moment, light & airy & bright photos have been born out of no where. It just happens. It’s what the moment calls for.

In each session, I am here to listen to the moment and attempt to serve it well.

What else? I can promise you guidance. Striving for natural authenticity in photography is the goal — but let’s be real — to some extent everything is posed. Posing isn’t the problem. Over-posing is the problem. There are several different ways of posing, and the guidance I give during sessions are done in a way to facilitate movement and genuine expression that can be captured in between the pose. It’s like a big dance. Except with a camera. Do I hate Pinterest poses? Yes. But do I sometimes use them to set direction and a mood to work off of? Absolutely.

If you have a session with me, I am 100% here for it. Here for the unexpected moment. Here for the in-between. Here for your dance.

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