A few favorite moments in time. 


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Sarah K. Benning

SARAH K. BENNING Talented artist, designer, and entrepreneur.  Keene, NH www.sarahkbenning.com 


PAUL + JESSICA Engagement Session - New London, NH Outdoor photos were taken on Pleasant Lake, and indoor photos were taken at the charming Inn at Pleasant Lake. 


PETER & JACQUELINE Venue: Cobblestone Creek Country Club, Victor, NY Florals: Wisteria Flowers & Gifts


Abigail Abi and I traipsed all over downtown Chattanooga, TN to find the spots with the perfect light. I love the way these headshots came out. Enjoy!


JAKE + EMMA September 1st. Married. Venue: "The Barn", Walpole, NH Dress: Country Bridal Second shooting: Time Bandit Photography  


I'm pretty sure this family will run the world one day. Arius is the most adorable baby I've ever seen, and he couldn't stop smiling for all the photos! Much much love for these friends who are more like family.


Jonathan David Mancha. Hoping that these photos capture an inkling of the fantastic person and musician this guy is. All my other shoots with Jonathan have been more rural and remote, but this time we hit the big old city of Hartford and made an adventure out it...


      Lilly and I woke up around sunrise to get these Venus-inspired, very soft-pink photos in a little park in the heart of Washington, D. C. She had been envisioning this shoot for a while, and her cause for celebration was graduating from an insanely...


KARA Kara (aka @scarlet.pianist) is a sensation. She's so good at piano, loves music, feels music, and generally just gets music. I had a wonderful time taking some photos of her, and being playful with these shots. We also were able to take some photos around...


Alison These senior portraits twin together youth + summer. These are pictures of Alison -- bright beauty and color shimmering and shimmering. These are some of my favorite portraits. Enjoy!


Joy Joy radiates pure inspiration. As an artist herself, she understands the crazy "no jump over here for the light!" spontaneity that possesses me. For a winter day -- the light really did a good job against those burnt orange walls and if you look closely you'll see...


Justin + Grace Grace & Justin. From getting ready, to the ceremony, to the beach, to the church, to the tent, to the dance floor, to the sunset -- I am hoping that these photos capture a fraction of how happy this day was for everyone. Huge design shout out to...


Moriah Moriah's senior portraits were taken at Dunn State Park in Gardner, MA. I love the off-season at Dunn State Park because no one is around and the trails around the lake are stunning. It was an honor to photograph Moriah -- this lovely lady is going to...


Dexley + Brianna I had the privilege of second-shooting this wedding and love love love the pictures. Enjoy this little highlight real!


Joe + Catherine A perfectly cool, crisp late-summer morning accompanied Joe + Catherine as they said their vows. Much love for the these two and the style and artistry of this wedding.


Michael + Rebecca “How we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives.” — Annie Dillard Love these young and in-love high school friends of mine and the time I have gotten to spend with them. Place: One freezing day in Brooklyn, NY


Jonathan + Emily Emily & Jonathan had a gorgeous backyard New England wedding. I particularly loved how relaxed and chill the whole vibe of the day was - a true celebration in my book. Cheers!


Angela Angela's senior portraits happened in Vermont with plenty of space to experiment with paint and barns and bridges. Seriously, I could shoot seniors all day. I loved our time together. Congratulations, girl!


Molly Molly so kindly agreed to dress up like a 70's queen for me. From the fur coat to the suitcase to that awesome flower dress she rocked it and nailed this shoot. I am in love with the pictures and the smoky, deep blue tones. Mmm, GIRL, let that glow never burn...


Novella One sunny day + an adventurous outing to some property we were probably not allowed to be on yielded these pictures so that made it entirely worth it. 😉


Matthew + Melissa It was sincerely an honor to photograph Melissa and Matthew on one of the most important days of their lives! From the delightful and charming decor of Spencer Country Inn — matched with Melissa’s earthy-indie style —  to the snowfall that graced the...

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