It starts right here. There is a difference between capturing memories and making art. Sanders Three (hi it’s me, Elizabeth!) errs on the side of making art out of your life long adventure, also known as a wedding, instead of simply capturing memories.

I consider myself quietly assertive and photojournalistic when it comes to photography wedding days. I’m all about that natural light, cinematic, documnary aesthetic. 

Telling the adventure of your story is what I love and am honored to do. Photography, for me, is about creating small works of art art that you can look back on for years and remember what a single moment felt like. 

Why Sanders Three? 

Sanders Three alludes to quite a few things. Not only is it my last name, and as such holds a bit of my identity, but the Latin phrase “omne trium perfectum” is the saying that emphasizes everything coming in three’s as perfection. Triads of all kinds allude to the founding pieces of civilization and culture (Trinity, Primary Colors, Trichotomies etc.)

Infamously, threes are used to divide writing and art into rules of third where points of interest and appealing tension are focused and emphasized. 

Threes speak to wholeness. 

In its purest form, stories curated in images can hope to communicate that wholeness – the fairytale, the comedy, the tragedy – all of it.

Sometimes all at once. 

That’s the part where people indescribably say an image transcends words. 

My photography philosophy consists of embracing all of it. Specifically utilizing movement, ambiance, emotion, and a cinematic approach in regards to my rich-toned, dark and moody editing style. No posey-posed or “say cheese” moments here. My ideal clients are the ones who love their day being told in context of nature, candid moments, and natural light. 


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