I never thought I would be a photographer.

Instead, photography found me — and here’s my story.

At the end of high school, some good friends provided a space for me to be a beginner. I had no original ambitions — but soon enough far too kind people began asking me to photograph them, their kids, their weddings, and their lives.

My uncle once told me that I swallowed a level when I was a baby because of my obsession with straightening everything. Over the years I’ve been able to tune that inner-critic which shouts “something is not right in this picture” to envisioning and executing which elements are needed to transform a photo into The Photo.

I went to college in North Georgia and graduated with an English degree in 2017. My favorite kinds of art are not limited to the visual arts. American Literature and poetry, as well as art from the Renaissance and the Dutch Golden Age are some of my favorites.

I’m currently located in the only Shire in the States (New Hampshire). However, I do most of my shooting around New England and down the East Coast (and wherever you need me, really)!

When I’m not behind a camera, you’ll find me at the ocean, in an ENO, up a tree, or spending time with people I love.

Thanks for stopping by!